The Whole Hog – From Nose to Tail

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  • Duration- 6-7 hours
  • Max-10 persons
  • Cost- £220 person

This is the big one! If you would like to stock your freezer with half a pig that you have butchered yourself then this is for you. This is a full days course that will be mainly practical. On arrival you will be greeted with drinks breakfast treats. The Artisan Butcher will then run through basic health and safety involved and the butcher’s tool kit before moving on to teach you the dying art of how to sharpen a knife correctly.

The day will consist of a series of demonstrations from the Artisan Butcher followed by practical sessions where you will get up close and person with your pork. Starting with the head and shoulder we will look at the hand and thick end, before finding out how the bath chap and guanciale is made and much more.

Then it’s onto the loin and belly where we will be looking at the art of curing and how to make pancetta, back and streaky bacon. We will also discuss and how to utilise herbs, spices and cure mix to create the best possible flavours so you can create your own unique products.

Moving onto the leg you’ll learn how to bone and roll it for a classic roasting joint or seam out the individual muscles for many more uses.

A light lunch and refreshments will be served with the main feast being at the end of the course. After lunch we will look into the humble sausage, its origins and history and some recipes from around the world. You’ll have fun making your own flavours of sausage and the traditional way of linking them. On completion of the course you will be treated to a fantastic feast of all things pork and seasonal served with wine and refreshments.

All protective clothing will be provided you just need to bring something to take your pork home in. We will provide wrapping and bags, we suggest you bring 3 or 4 jute type bags.

If you would like to book a place on the course for the 11th September 2016 please contact us.