Frugal Game Course

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  • Duration- 4 hours
  • Max- 10 persons
  • Cost- £120 per person

This is a great course for anyone who is looking to make the most of game. You will get to work on a brace of pheasant and partridge, a muntjac deer rabbits and more.

You will be welcomed with drinks and some meaty treats on arrival before watching the Artisan Butcher demonstrate his skills, butchering a whole deer. During the demo you will learn about the history of game and all its many uses from the steaks to casserole. Each cut will be described in detail with its many uses and tips and hints on how to cook them.

Along the way you will be taught how to use the butchers tools of the trade and the correct way in which to sharpen them. Then it’s over to you! You will now get to grips on your own game, plucking and breaking it down into what’s good for you slice, dice or marinade it, what ever you would like.

The course will finish with a fantastic feast of meaty delights and a few glasses of wine or soft drink (if you’re driving) and a chance to chat the Artisan Butcher and your fellow course mates.

The next Frugal Game course will take place on the 9th October 2016.  To book your place, please contact us.