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Howdee all and welcome to my Artisan Butcher website and blog! It’s been a long time coming and some days I thought I would never get this far but here it is.

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all the guys that have helped me get this far, especially Libby from @Emaevents and the guys from GNMA @gnmaltd and Dave Robertson who has designed the site.

For years I’ve been trying to turn my passion into a business and go from working for some one to working for myself, but you know how it is, passion doesn’t pay the bills and having no start up capital is a real bummer.

So why the name ‘Artisan Butcher?’  I’m passionate about local food and traditional artisan techniques.  These days the term ‘artisan’ gets chucked around a lot and in my opinion its used way to much and is often not used in its true context.  For me it congers up an image of handmade traditional craftsmanship using methods passed on from generation to generation. I’ve been using the term for years (long before it became fashionable!) and I think it sums up what I’m about, the less machinery the better. I often think that I was born a few hundred years too late!

I’m hoping this website will develop into a forum of sorts – a place for discussion about the hot topics with regards to the foodie industry so I’m encouraging you all to get involved!  I’m going be getting out and about finding fantastic producers and foodie events that bring you the very best of what Briton has to offer and will be showcasing them on the site for you all to enjoy.

Due to my interest in traditional artisan methods and I’m also heavily involved in creating and delivering courses which teach these methods to new and diverse groups of people.  I’m involved with Ipswich based training and careers advice organisation GNMA.  In partnership with the GNMA team, together we offer a range of food skills for people looking to get back into work, or those looking for a change in career, all under the Artisan Food Skills Academy umbrella.  This initiative is an important area for me as it gives people the opportunity to realise their potential, ignite their passion and set them on their way into the food industry.

If you’re interested in learning the dark art of butchery and curing I’ve got some great courses coming up, as well as some wider foodie courses too.  You can come to me or I can come to you, whatever suits, whatever your experience and skill level.  If you’re a chef looking to up skill and save some money or just interested in good meat I can tailor a bespoke course to fit your needs.

I’m lucky enough to have some fantastic connections with some of the best farmers and producers around and I’m fortunate to be able to supply you at home with some of the very best Native, Rare and Traditional breed meets out there.  When funds permit I’ll have E-Commerce up on the site but until then just bell, tweet, e-mail or use the contact form on site.  Whether you’re from the trade or the general public – I can supply all your needs from tons to a lb and you can be sure it’s going to be the very best quality.

Things are going to be very busy for the next few months!  I’m in the final stages of sorting planning for a fab new boutique butchers in the heart if Ipswich in an old C18 stable block so fingers crossed for that.  We’re also going to be joining the street food revolution very soon with some fantastic Smokey products, so watch this space. The Artisan Butcher is coming at last!!!

To get in touch with me please click here

To find out more about the courses available please click here


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