Producer Spotlight: Breckland Larder

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Breckland Larder is owned by Paul and Fiona Sleightholme, who have been farming together in the Suffolk and Norfolk area for 20 years.  Farming is very much in the family with both Fiona and Paul coming from livestock farming backgrounds, and all six of their children having an active interest in farming.

Breckland Larder started off with four hundred sheep, twenty cattle and a few pigs.  Situated with grazing on the stunning Breckland heathland on the Suffolk and Norfolk border, the area is also home to a diverse selection of plants and wildlife which the Breckland Larder animals graze alongside.

Breckland Larder produce a great variety of rare breed sheep including Jacob, Hebridean, Manx Loaghtan, Herdwick, Soay, Shetland and several more, with over 2000 breeding ewes.  All of the sheep are kept outdoors on grass to produce fantastic lamb, hogget and mutton.

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Breckland Larder also produce a great variety of cattle including Dexter, Longhorn, Belted Galloway and Highland, with a herd of between five and six hundred.  All of the cattle are kept outside for the majority of the year on grass, being fed on locally grown vegetables during the winter months.  Calving takes place both in the spring and the autumn, with the calves remaining at Breckland Larder until close to 30 months to ensure the beef has the maximum flavour.








Also found on the Breckland heathland are Boer goats, bred both for meat and milk.  They enjoy exploring the gorse bushes and shrubs on the heathland with kids joining them in the spring.  Alongside the goats, Breckland Larder also has a variety of rare breed pigs.  Paul and Fiona have a great commitment to the conservation of rare breed animals and there are plans to start a herd of Large White and Welsh pigs, both of which are listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust at risk group.

 If you are interested in wholesale orders for Breckland Larder produce, then please contact Jamie here.


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