Happy New Year!

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Hi all!

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve all had a decent rest over the Christmas break; Christmas is the maddest time of the year for a butcher so I took a few well-earned days off afterwards. Sorry to anyone who missed us, but the good news is… we’re back in the butchery and ready for 2015! As always I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a cracking year with loads to look forward to.

Lots of people make resolutions in the New Year and it is a good time of year to start making promises to eat better.

Instead of eating less to make you feel energetic after the holiday slump, your better to eat more stuff that’s good for you.  One of the main reasons I’m passionate about where my meat comes from because I know what’s in it. When the animals are free range and responsibly farmed, I know that the meat isn’t pumped full of water and growth accelerators with half the goodness gone.

If you’re looking to eat well and save the pennies too, come and see what deals we’ve got in the shop. To start with, we’ve got some great deals on beef this week– minced and diced beef are only £6.49/kilo, our best braising steak is £7.99/kilo and topside is only £9.99/kilo!

Come and have a chat in the butchery if you want some tips and advice about what to go for – always happy to help!

As always, you can sign up to the newsletter for some tasty tips, deals and news from us by clicking here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2015!

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