Food Safari Courses at The Rose House Butchery

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Introducing…..Food Safari Courses at  The Rose House Butchery


Howdee all!

I hope you’re all well and getting into the Christmas spirit, not long to go now!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, plans are now well underway at our new premises – Rose House.  All our spare time is being spent carrying out essential work and fitting out this fantastic space.  We’re hoping to have the retail side up and running around April/May 2013, but the training element of Rose House Butchery is kicking off in January 2013 with the award winning Food Safari team.  The stable block is a brilliant training space –  it’s a slice of the past in the heart of Ipswich and is a great backdrop to learning about the traditional techniques I’m so passionate about.

I’m delighted to be working with Food Safari and I’m really looking forward to delivering our first evening butchery workshop on the 18th January which will focus on Pork.  We will be running an evening butchery class every month and each time we will focus on a different meat.  In February we will be looking at Beef, followed by Lamb in March and Poultry in April and all the courses provide a great opportunity to get really hands on and have a go yourself!

So….here’s a little insight into what you will get out of the course:

All of the workshops will take place on Friday evenings starting with drinks at 18.45pm and wrapping up after supper at about 21.30pm.  Throughout the course you will gain an insight into the fascinating world of traditional, artisan butchery skills.   The course will start by discussing the variety of breeds of pigs and considering how quality pork should be produced.  At the Rose House Butchery we only work with native, rare and traditional breeds and we will show you how these breeds should be raised as well as what to look for when selecting an animal for slaughter depending on what you will use it for.

Then it’s onto the butchery!  During a demonstration from me I will run through a brief history of both the pig and butchery as well the tools of the trade and then you’ll get hands-on butchering some pork yourself.  We will look at the many uses of the pig from well-known high street cuts to seam boning, charcuterie and the Italian art of salumi.   You will also learn how to get the best from each cut and some hints and tips on how to best  prepare and cook the cuts we are working with.

The course has a very hands-on approach and you will bone and roll your own joint to take home and enjoy. The evening will be finished off with an informal supper of fabulous roast pork and a few drinks, giving you the chance to chat with your fellow class mates and me!  Throughout the demo and the whole evening ask as many question as you can, I love it! This is what I do and am passionate about (some would say I’m obsessed but that’s good, right?!), the more you ask the more you will learn and take away from the evening.

All of the evening butchery classes are suitable for anyone who would like to gain new skills and a better understanding of butchery, whether you are a total beginner or already have some knowledge of butchery.  If that’s whetted your appetite, we will also be running a number of more in-depth classes throughout the year including a nose to tail pork butchery course in March, focusing on butchery, curing and preserving.

All of the courses would make a great Christmas present for the foodie in your life, check out Food Safari  for more details about all the courses and to book.  You can also purchase Food Safari gift vouchers which can be used for all the courses as well.  That’s Dad’s Christmas present sorted!

If you’d like more details about the evening butchery classes or any of the other courses please visit the following links:



I’ll be posting some pictures of the work happening at Rose House Butchery – look out for them in my next blog.

Have a great Christmas everyone, eat, drink and be merry!



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