Food Safari – Beef Butchery Evening Course

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Howdee all!

Hope you’re all well.

Well, it’s been a manic time here at Artisan HQ.  The Rose House Butchery is coming along and we have just completed our first Food Safari evening butchery course on Friday 15th February and it was great fun!  I must first say a big thank you to all that attended and made our first course at The Rose House Butchery Training School such a success.  I was a little nervous this being our first course for Food Safari but alas nothing to worry about we smashed it!

I got some fantastic Longhorn and Shorthorn beef from the guys at the Rare Breed Meat Co, you can check out their farm shop and restaurant here.

After the meet and greet we were straight into the demo from me on a forequarter. It was great to get stuck in and show the students all the different cuts and their many uses. With all the scandal that’s going on in the meat industry, all the students could clearly see what good meat should look like and what to look for in terms of provenance and traceability.

After a quick break it was back to the training room and the students turn to get stuck into a cracking piece of brisket each. This is the bit that I love, watching all the guys getting amongst it and cutting their own meat that they get to take home.  It’s a great process for me as I get to watch everyone enjoying something that I can quite easily take for granted. They all soon got to grips with the butchers knot and before long they had some lovely boned and rolled joints. They then spent the rest of the time messing about with the blade, chuck and sticking – I hope these skills will help them in the future in their own kitchens.  A wise man once said (not sure who!) ‘knowledge is power but power is nothing without wisdom’ – to me this is what my courses are all about passing on the knowledge for future generations.

Here are a few pictures of the evening:










184376_10200297268210558_1243152496_n (1)









After a quick wash up it was time for some food. I made a mega slow cooked chilli using skirt and a bit of flank.  I like to use pieces of meat rather than mince as I think you get a better textured chilli. There was also some slow cooked rolled flank and horseradish which went down very well!

I’m looking forward to the next Food Safari evening butchering course which will be on March 8th focusing on Lamb.  You still have time to book click here for more details.  You will have the opportunity to get your hands on some awesome local lambs and maybe even some mutton so don’t miss out!  Visit the Food Safari website to book.





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