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Roasted turkey garnished with sage rosemary and red berries in a tray prepared for Christmas dinner. Holiday table candles and Christmas tree with ornaments.

Christmas is coming and of course, The Rose House Butchery has everything you need for the a delicious foodie Christmas.  From ‘Make Your Own Christmas Hamper’ courses, to delicious hams, Kelly Bronze turkeys, duck, geese and much more.  If you can’t see what you are looking for, then please do get in touch, as we can offer a very broad range of options.

To place your order, please email us, or call 01473 213869.

*Place your order before the 1st December 2015 and receive a free pound of sausage meat*







We are proud to stock Britain’s most awarded Turkey – the Kelly Bronze, produced locally in Essex by Paul Kelly.  All the birds are reared in the best welfare conditions, producing a delicious, traditional, Christmas dinner.

Weight Feeds (approx) Cost per kg Cost per bird (approx)
4-4.99 kg 8-10 people £12.99 £51.96-£64.82
5-7.99 kg 10-16 people £11.99 £59.95-£95.80
8-8.99 kg 16-18 people £10.99 £87.92-£98.80
9-11.99 kg 18-20 people £9.99 £89.91-£119.78
Over 12 kg 20 plus £8.49 Over £101.88
  • Breast Joints (1-2kg), £19.48/kg
  • Stuffed Breast Joint: £19.99 per kilo, for a 1-2 kilo joint, or £14.49 per kilo for a 3-4 kilo joint.
  • Bone-in Crowns: available in 3-4kg or £5-6 kg sizes, at £14.49/kg

Multiple bird roasts are available, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Poultry and Game

Sutton Hoo Free Range Chicken £6.90kg (1.8-2.4kg)

Breckland Larder Chickens

All priced at £5.99 per kilo and available in the following sizes:

Large – 4.5kg +

Med – 3.6kg-4.5kg

Small – 2kg-3.5kg

Free Range Ducks

£7.29 per kilo, available in the following sizes: 2kg, 2.3kg, 2.5kg, 2.7kg

Free Range Geese

£12.99 per kilo, available in the following sizes: 4-5kg, 5-6kg, 6-7kg


Wild Rabbits – £4.99 each

Oven ready Pheasants – £4.99 each

Partridge – £4.70 each

Pigeons – £4.50 each

Venison POA



All our beef is hung for 30 days+, we only use Native, Rare or Traditional Breeds

Rump £27.99 kg

Rib eye – £34.00/kg

Bone in Rib of beef £19.99/kg

Rolled Sirloin £29.99/kg

Sirloin Steak £37.99/kg

Fillet £49.99/kg

T-Bone £29.99/kg

Topside/Silverside £13.99/kg

Brisket bone in £6.99/kg

Rolled Brisket £9.99/kg

Skirt £14.99/kg

Chuck £12.99/kg

Best Braising £13.99/kg

Feather Blade £14.99/kg

Diced Stewing £10.99/kg

Best Diced £13.99/kg


Hard Core Beef Trim £8.99/kg

(Not for the faint hearted, trim from our dry aged beef use as an ingredient as you would pancetta  to get that proper dry aged flavour)

Beef burgers 6oz – £1.50 each

Ground Beef £9.99/kg


Rare Breed Pork

Chops £8.99/kg

Spare Rib Chops £8.49/kg

Rolled Loin £11.99/kg

Steaks £11.99/kg

Belly £8.99/kg

Rolled Shoulder £9.99/kg

Rolled Leg £10.99/kg

Bone in leg £8.99/kg

Blade of pork £4.99/kg

Hand of pork £4.99/kg

Thick end of belly £5.99/kg

Hocks – £3.99 each

Tender loin £11.99/kg

Ground Pork £7.99/kg


Lamb & Goat

Leg bone in £9.99/kg

Leg boned and rolled £11.99/kg

Leg Steaks bone in £10.99/kg

Double Chops £14.99/kg

Rump Whole or Steaks £15.99/kg

Shoulder bone in £7.99/kg

Shoulder bone and rolled £9.49/kg

Breast – £4.99 each

Ground £9.99/kg

Diced £9.99/kg

Lamb Burgers – £1.50 each


Bacon & Gammon

All our bacon is dry cured by hand in house using age old artisan methods.

Back £16.99/kg

Smoked Back £17.99/kg

Streaky £15.99/kg

Smoked Streaky £16.99/kg

Rump £16.99/kg

Bone in Gammon 30 day+ matured £9.99/kg (whole 7-8kg or half 3-4kg)

Boneless Gammon £11.99/kg up to about 6kg (approx.)



All our sausages are hand made onsite using rare bred pork.

Rose House Breakfast Chipolata £8.99/kg.  Just the perfect breakfast sausage lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Posh Pepper £7.99/kg.  Fresh fragrant pepper with a classy refined edge.

Cumberland £8.99/kg.  A classic Cumberland with more pepper than sage.

Lincolnshire £8.99/kg.  A classic Lincolnshire packed full of herbs.

Pork and Apple £7.99/kg.  The classic combination of pork and apple, with a lovely sweet edge.

Pigs in Blankets £9.99/kg (14-18 per kg).  Made using the Breakfast Chipolata and our dry cured streaky bacon.

Sage and Onion Sausage Meat Stuffing £6.99kg (500g packs)

Christmas Sausage Meat Stuffing £6.99kg (Orange & Cranberry 500g packs)

Mince Pie Sausage Meat Stuffing £6.99kg (Sweet mincemeat with pork 500g packs)

This is just a small selection of sausage flavours that we can do, lamb and beef available in the shop or upon request, as well as other unique flavours.

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