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Pork Steaks & Pork Mince

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For the week commencing the 3rd August 2015, we have some great deals on Pork Steaks and Pork Mince.  Our steaks are now just £6.99 per kilo, and our mince is now just £6.49 per kilo, a great saving!  We’ve put together a few recipes which we think provide the perfect inspiration for getting your… Read more »

Sausages, Sausages, Sausages

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Our unique sausage recipes have received some fantastic feedback since we opened the Rose House Butchery, which is great!  This week (w/c 20th July 2015) we are offering a great deal on our Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Breakfast sausages, which were £8.99 per kilo, now just £6.99 per kilo.  Below are some classic recipe ideas, to… Read more »

Belly Pork – Recipe Suggestions

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We’ve had some fantastic pork in from Baylham House Farm (when we say we work with local farmers, we mean it), and we’re focusing on the very underused cut of Pork Belly.  Pork Belly is traditionally thought of as quite a fatty cut, but it has some fantastic flavours.  We’re put a couple of our… Read more »

Nose To Tail – Charlotte’s Way

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Back in March I hosted a full day course for Food Safari where the group learnt how to work on a whole pig (the true nose to tail experience!) and all about how to handle some of the more unusual cuts as well. Food blogger Charlotte Gaffer attended the course and has recently written a… Read more »