Aldeburgh Festival is approaching!

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Morning all!

It’s been a while since I have had time to put pen to paper – it has been such a busy summer and has almost disappeared pretty quickly!

The highlight of this month is the upcoming Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival this weekend.  The Festival showcases the great and the good in the wide world of food from Suffolk and beyond!  I’m demonstrating this year, along Tim Matthews from The Artisan Smokehouse.  For something a bit different, we’re going for goat!  I’ll be demonstrating the best butchery skills and showing you the best parts to use, then Tim will use the meat to demonstrate some of the many tasty things that can be done with this under-appreciated meat.

Look out for us on the Tiptree Stage on Saturday the 27th September at 4.20pm; come and say hello, take a seat and learn some skills!


It’s all about Pride, Passion and Provenance

I am currently working very hard with Ollie at Suffolk Wild and Free Range Meats to develop the wholesale side of the business and distribute our fantastic quality meat not just around Suffolk, but across the whole country.  Keep an eye out for how we’re getting on…


Good old Goat

Goat is the flavour of the month for me with our demonstration at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.  Goat meat is not particularly common in this country, although it’s a regular feature of many meals in plenty of other parts of the world and once you’ve tasted it it’s easy to understand why!

We’ve got some Kid and Goat meat in: goat meat is lean, and benefits from slow cooking, which is one of the reasons it’s great in a curry. If you’re not too fond of curry, there are plenty of fantastic recipes out there; here are some recipes for Sicilian roast kid and kid and fennel… enough to make your mouth water!  Of course you can also get some tips direct from our demo at Aldeburgh on Saturday….. have I plugged that enough?!  It’s just such a great festival it has to be worth several mentions!!


Specially Selected Sausages

As well as some delicious authentic Italian Fennel Sausages, we’ve got some Traditional Boerewors: a South African sausage.  These are so authentic: of course they’re made in the shop, but the recipe came straight from a South African Butcher’s mouth, courtesy of a lovely customer who made the introduction!


Game (It’s fun)

The game season is pretty much upon us, and we are ready for it.  We’ve already got some rabbit, hare and beautiful venison in stock. Soon to come we’ll have pheasant, partridge and wild fowl. For serving suggestions and preparation tips, just ask!

If you’d like to be more of a Game Prep Pro and learn some new skills, put the 5th of October in your diary; our next course will be right up your street…!


The Frugal Game Course will teach you the best uses for the different game meats and how to prepare them. You’ll get to work on your own brace of pheasant and partridge, a muntjac deer, rabbits and more; you’ll get expert tips on the best ways to use all the meat, cooking hints and marinating tips. We’ll feed you as well, and send you on your way with some decent treats for your freezer! You can book here, or call the shop for some more info!

If you know someone who’d love this as treat, you can purchase gift vouchers for the courses in the shop, just give us a call in the shop or ping us an email.

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time – hope to see you in the shop soon!


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